Gold Rush - MAN Holders Benefits
What is Metacene Apostle NFT?
How to obtain MetaCene Apostle NFT?
Holders shall gain the exclusive opportunity to experience Apostle NFTs'
unique powers, and what's to come as we work towards awakening the
'perished' civilization.
In the process of investigating unknown realms,
holders gain priority in receiving higher supplies.

Holders of Apostle NFTs are respected pioneers with governance privileges.
Greater voices shall be heard

Ways to earn MetaCene Apostle NFT(MAN) Whitelist

Participate in Community Events

Participate in Discord Community Events:

MAN Utility

Early Access

Community,Governance & Guild Privilege

Priority to mint NFTs

Airdrops of NFTs & Tokens

Exclusive Gear and Skins

Mining Rewards

Check Your WL/AL
Check Your WL/AL
Address :
Before You Proceed
MetaCene Apostle NFT (MAN) is a groundbreaking NFT collection that can be minted for free. This exclusive collection is limited to only 500 unique pieces, offering a range of privileges and benefits. The MAN minting process will be happening on the Ethereum network.

MAN stands out as the best NFT asset among gaming NFTs and the only NFT collection to optimize MetaCene benefits, leveraging the full potential of MetaCene’s innovative features.


● Whitelist holders have a guaranteed mint spot within the given time range.

● Allowlist holders can mint MAN on an FCFS basis.

Mint Time and Dates
To ensure that you don’t miss out on any opportunity, be sure to take advantage of your guaranteed time slots to get everything up and running smoothly.

July 28 10:00 UTC: Mint on https://man.Metacene.io as a whitelist holder.

July 28 13:00 UTC: Mint on https://man.Metacene.io as an allowlist holder.

July 28 16:00 UTC: Public mint on https://man.Metacene.io.
Congrats again on your MetaCene Apostle NFT!!!
Now unleash your power in MetaCene Alpha Test!!

More Details
1. All users with WL and AL are eligible for the Alpha Test.
2. Join the community for a chance to get whitelisted for the Alpha Test.
For more information about Alpha Test:
3. You can purchase MetaCene Apostle NFT on the secondary market.
4. Stay updated on official events for a chance to receive MetaCene Apostle NFT airdrops.
Apostle is a collection of 500 limited edition generative NFTs created by MetaCene, a next-gen blockchain MMORPG homeland for mass players. Holders of the Apostle NFTs are granted early access to the testing and official versions of MetaCene, eligible to obtain advanced in-game NFTs for free, and qualified for exclusive event participations.